Canadian Heir of King Richard III, Part 2

English: King Richard III and his family in th...
King Richard III and his family in the contemporary Rous Roll in the Heralds’ College. Left to right: Anne Neville, Queen of King Richard 3rd; King Richard 3rd; Edward, Prince of Wales, their son. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ll recall, on February 4, 2013, I posted news about how King Richard III‘s remains had been found.  I also wrote about how Canadian-born cabinet-maker Michael Isben might be an heir to the monarch.

Well, it’s official:  DNA matched positive!  He is the proud 17th great-grandson of the King!

That’s not all he learned that fateful day.  He learned of another descendant – a relative he hadn’t known about.  The “new” cousin would rather remain anonymous.

To read my first post about this, click HERE!

To read about how he felt when he visited the fragile King, go to This Is Leicestershire.


    • Isn’t it though? I think he’s about 55 years old now. But it got me thinking: if someone had told him, say ten years ago, that he was so related to a king, he’d would have laughed at that … now look. Amazing things can happen in life! I love it when I witness these twist and turns.


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