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Zahab runs through the world’s hottest deserts. Literally runs! At 44 years old, I quite admire him. Born in Carp, Ontario, he’s truly a Canadian hero! – tk - Photography, Writing, Talk Ultra Podcast

In a matter of days renowned international adventurer Ray Zahab is attempting to undertake a challenge that will be the ultimate test of his endurance. On June 23, Ray and his team will set out in the latest inov-8 Challenge Series expedition which will see them attempt to run across the Gobi Desert at its widest point covering a distance of approximately 2,300km, with minimal daily resupply. This would be the first time anyone has set out to run right across the broadest part of the Gobi Desert.
Canadian Ray is a man who has previously accomplished some astonishing feats. The intrepid athlete has run across the Sahara Desert, which was filmed for a documentary produced by actor Matt Damon. Ray has also broken the world speed record for an unsupported team expedition to the South Pole and was the first person to run the length of the entire Atacama…

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How to train your humans

This made me laugh hard, and out loud! Very funny! While you’re there, visit Seeker’s blog! – tk


How many times I told myself that animals are far more intelligent than humans?  If only I can communicate with them, there is much they can teach me.  Watch this.

Need I say more?

You tube came from: Spirit Lights the Way

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Thinking of Visiting Canada Eh?

An amusing post from some nice “folks” who visited Canada, and their take on it.  Worth a read, if you’re Canadian or not!  – tk



Well, my wonderful wife and I have returned from a vacation in Canada.  It was a wonderful experience!  We had a great time, and I learned a few things about our neighbors to the north.  Some good, some not so good.  Here are the Polar Bears impressions of the Great White North.

These are in no particular order, I’ll mix the good with the bad.  Overall though, this was a great experience.

1. The Pandora App on my iPad didn’t work.  Since it’s web based, what the hell is up with that??  Sirius XM worked on my iPad but not in my car (it’s amazing how close to the Canadian border, they can point a satellite signal from space!).

2.  Honda dealerships and logos are red… um… okay??

3.  They don’t waste a bunch of paint to put down a second yellow line.  Seems one yellow line is good enough…

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Laura Secord’s Bravery & Self-Sacrifice!

English: Laura Secord warning Lieutenant James...

English: Laura Secord warning Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon of an impending American attack, June 1813. Français : Rencontre entre Laura Secord et le lieutenant Fitzgibbon, juin 1813 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This day in Canadian history belongs to Laura Secord.  The story of the Battle of Stoney Creek was told on June 6.  After being reinforced by the arrival of the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment, General Vincent was ready to counter-attack the Americans on the Niagara Peninsula.  He began to move his main force from Burlington, and sent several companies of infantry to Beaver Dam, ready to strike at Queenston.

The American commander, General Dearhorn, heard about the move and sent Colonel Boerstler with 570 men and two guns to make a night attack on Beaver Dam.  While they were marching there, they stopped to rest at Queenston.  Some of the American  officers were talking openly about the purpose of their mission.

Laura Secord and her husband, United Empire Loyalists who had left Massachusetts to live at Queenston, overheard the American officers talking about the attack they were going to make on Beaver Dam, and decided that the British must be warned.  Laura’s husband had been wounded in the fighting at Queenston Heights the previous year and could not make the trip.  So, on June 23, 1813, Laura left their home and pretended that she was going to milk the cows.  She was barefoot and carried a milking pail.

It was a brave thing to do.  Laura Secord had to walk through the woods alone to get to the nearest British position.  There were many frightening moments, and she became weary and footsore.  On the way she suddenly found herself in the midst of a band of “whooping” Indians.  They let her continue on her way when she told them that the “Long Knives” were coming, and that she was going to warn the British.  Eventually, she reached a patrol of red coats under Lieutenant Fitzgibbon and related her story.

As it turned out, her journey had been unnecessary.  The British had already been warned and the Indians were in place to ambush the Americans.  This does not detract from Laura Secord’s bravery and self-sacrifice.

Colonel Boerstler and his men walked right into the ambush of 200 Mohawk and Caughnawaga Indians,  and after fighting in the woods for two hours, surrendered to Lieutenant Fitzgibbon to escape what hey thought would be scalping by the Indians.

Ms. Secord is indeed a heroine. To read more about her and what she did, I suggest going to the Toronto Public Library for a painting depicting “Where Laura Secord, on the 23rd of June 1813, Crossed the Twelve Mile Creek”. Then the Niagara Falls Info. For a treat, I suggest visiting Friends of Laura Secord. A very good start!


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