Proof Canada is GREAT!

Canadians agree that we are a great country; here’s proof we like the word. So much so that a few provinces shared a name!

Great Barachois Lake, Nova Scotia
Great Barasway Lookout, Newfoundland
Great Barasway Pond, Newfoundland
Great Barren Lake, Nova Scotia
Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
Great Bear River, Northwest Territories
Great Bear Creek, British Columbia
Great Beaver Lake, British Columbia
Great Black Island, Newfoundland (pictured above)
Great Brook, Newfoundland
Great Burnt Island, Newfoundland
Great Buse, Newfoundland
Great Calf Island, Nova Scotia
Great Chain Island, British Columbia
Great Coat Island, Newfoundland
Great Colinet Island, Newfoundland
Great Cormorandier Island, Newfoundland
Great Denier Island, Newfoundland
Great Duck Island, New Brunswick
Great Duck Island, Ontario
Great Eastern Pond, Newfoundland
Great Falls, Nova Scotia
Great Falls, Manitoba
Great French Beach, Newfoundland
Great Gulch River, Newfoundland
Great Gull Lake, Newfoundland
Great Gull River, Newfoundland
Great Hill, Nova Scotia
Great Island, Newfoundland
Great Island, Nova Scotia
Great Island, Manitoba
Great Jervis Island, Newfoundland
Great La Cloche Island, Ontario
Great Lake, Ontario
Great Manitou Island, Ontario
Great Mountain, Newfoundland
Great Mountain Lake, Ontario
Great Northern Mountain, Newfoundland
Great Pike Lake, Ontario
Great Pine Lake, Nova Scotia
Great Pond, Newfoundland
Great Pond, New Brunswick
Great Portage Lake, Ontario
Great Pubnico Lake, Nova Scotia
Great Rattling Brook, Newfoundland
Great Ridge, Nova Scotia
Great Rock Peak, British Columbia
Great Sacred Island, Newfoundland
Great Sand Hills, Saskatchewan
Great Seal Island, Newfoundland
Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories
Great Snow Mountain, British Columbia
Great Thrum, Nova Scotia
Great Tinker Island, Newfoundland
Great Verdon Island, Newfoundland
Great Village River, Nova Scotia
Great West Ridge, Alberta

Of interest, Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, is the largest lake entirely within Canada at 33,764 square km; It’s also the fourth largest in North America. Fur trader Peter Pond noted it in 1783. The Dene (a member of the Athabascan-speaking peoples of the interior of Alaska and northwestern Canada) knew it as Sacschohetha, referring to the bears in the area.

Great Harbour Deep in Newfoundland is located on the eastern coast of the Northern Peninsula. This municipal community was known to French fishermen as Baie l’Orange. A 1693 British marine chart labelled it Harver Deep. The harbour is surrounded on three sides with steep cliffs leading to the plateau of the Long Range Mountains.

Great Slave Lake in Northwest Territories is the second largest lake in Canada at 27,048 square km. Samuel Hearne knew it as Arabasca Lake, when he travelled to the mouth of the Coppermine River, in 1770. The present name was noted on a map of the 1819 expedition of John Franklin and was named for the Slavey, an Athapascan tribe.

Great Village in Nova Scotia is on the north side of Cobequid Bay and west of Truro, this place was the site of an Acadian settlement before 1755. It opened its post office in 1855. It may have been named because they judged it to be a great site to establish a village.



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