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screenshot_20190823_103552I write little bite size tidbits of Canadian history and trivia. Each post takes just a few minutes at most to read. A great way to learn and hopefully is a stepping stone to wanting to learn more!

For more Canadian trivia and history (and even some unique puzzles) why not visit BiteSizeCanada’s website.


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  2. Hello,

    I’ve been thinking about Canada a lot since I’ve moved to Russia. Some years ago I went to Prince George for a conference and had a great time. The people were so friendly and quite open, we did a lot of laughing, singing and much more. I’ve also had the pleasure to connect with other bloggers around the world through my blog. It’s been a real eye opener. I really enjoy your blog. Would you consider doing a guest post on “Life in Russia”? I think my readership would really enjoy it. Anyway please let me know.


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    • Hi Steve! I’m happy you enjoy my blog. I certainly would feel honoured to do a guest post. I’ve never lived outside of Canada, and know practically nothing about Russia. Would you ask me questions, or did you want me to just write something? I’ve never done one so I have no idea how to go about it. If you’d like to ask the questions, you can contact me at:
      Teri ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hey there
    This rocks !! Immediately added to my follow list. Funny how most Canadians know more about America than most Americans also !!
    Thanks for liking my post BTW; please share to any other Canucks that might appreciate the message


  4. Teri: I am sorry. I have lost at this game and now so have you!

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    Haha. Your turn


      • Too Funny… basically you have to create a new post using the text in my post (copy and paste), create your own title. As how you respond is up to the comment but don’t give them a clue that it’s a game. Anyone that commented, go visit their site and live a message just like what did to you. I left you a message that tag. Does it make sense?


    • Thank you, Coach! Very thoughtful of you, as well as the kind words with the !award. It may take a few days, but I’ll get to it! Thank you again! ๐Ÿ™‚


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