Sun Concern

For a nation that’s unquestionably well known for its cool climate, it’s somewhat remarkable that Canadians invented the UV Index, a measure of the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation in the sunburn spectrum. As UV increases, the sun’s rays can do more harm to skin, eyes and immune system. In 1992, scientists at Environment Canada developed the index as a health protection tool for Canadians, and 48 stations across the country now forecast it.

I found an interesting Facebook page by J.A. Turner Associates, where you can find lots of trivia about Canada.


  1. I wonder whether the UV effects people (animals, plans, etc) differently closer to the equator versus north/south poles because the angle of approach & therefore amount of atmosphere would be different? Maybe Canada and Equidor could do a join study… – Oscar


  2. Thank you for the information and the J.A. Turner Associates link. I posted your blog post on a FaceBook genealogy group page and the members love it and asked for the more, so they will be thrilled with the link.

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