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“The day the guns fell silent”

Dutch & Canadian Bond Canada and the Netherlands have a special relationship. This dates back to World War II. If you would like to learn more about this, you can visit my sister-website and read about it.


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Dump truck like no other in the world!

Very Large Dump Truck In Sparwood, B.C., they call it simply “The Truck.” The truck in question, a 1974 Terex Titan, is the largest tandem axel dump truck in the world. The 350-tonne, 20-m-long, 3,300-hp vehicle is so big, it can fit two Greyhound buses and two pickuups in the box at the same time.

The Titan was assembled at the General Motors Diesel Division’s assembly plant in London, Ontario (click to see a map) in 1973.  Over the course of its four years of service at the Eagle Mountain mine, the “Titan” hauled about 3.5 million tons of earth.  After 13 years in service, the 33-19 was restored and is now preserved on static display as a tourist attraction in Sparwood, BC, Canada.

Are you thinking that you need to see this in person?  Well, then, I suggest visiting the Sparwood city visitors site.  Can’t wait?  Then you can also visit the Titan Cam. 



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Over 200 Voices!

How many of you are familiar with impressionist Rich Little?  Did you also know that he was born right here in Ottawa (Canada’s capital)? I would like to introduce you to him today.

Little was born on November 26, 1938.  Little was an usher at the Elgin Movie Theatre in Ottawa where he would perfect his voices while standing at the back of the theatre. He started his amateur acting career at Ottawa’s Little Theatre, winning his first acting award at the Eastern Ontario Drama Festival in Deep River, Ontario.

In 1979, Little recorded, on videotape, a one-man adaption of A Christmas Carol called Rich Little’s Christmas Carol.  You can purchase this, with other recordings, from his official website at Rich

The best way to show just how talented he is, allow me to show you a few YouTube videos that showcases some of his appearances.

An interview with Rich little:

There are so many more on YouTube. I’d do a search on the site to find more. His best work, in my opinion, is when he was performing at roasts. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this.


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Snapshots of Canada’s Past: Armistice Day

What a perfect post to honour our past and what we have to be thankful for today! -tkmorin

All About Canadian History

Snapshots of Canada’s Past: History is more than just words on a screen or from a textbook; this series is a thematic look back at Canadian history through visual imagery.

Armistice Day
In 1918, on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the Armistice of Compiègne came into effect, ending World War I. As a prelude to the Treaty of Versailles, its terms made it impossible for Germany to resume fighting. Germany agreed to turnover “2,500 heavy guns, 2,500 field guns, 25,000 machine guns, 1,700 airplanes and all submarines they possessed” in addition to a number of warships and  their prisoners of war. [x] The Armistice was signed in the Forest of Compiègne, about 60 km north of Paris in a railway carriage owned by French military commander Ferdinand Foch. Canada was not present, only representatives from France, Britain, and Germany were there. However…

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Why Canadian History is NOT Boring

Here is a [somewhat] short video from TED Talks about “Why Canadian history isn’t as boring as you think it is,” by Chris Turner.  Hope you all enjoy it!



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Empress of Ireland Sinks in Fifteen Minutes

This post about the Empress of Ireland disaster is absolutely a great read! While you are at “Juxt In Time” be sure to have a look around; a very interesting place to settle down with a cup of tea or coffee! – tk

Juxt In Time

The New York Tribune May 30, 1914 The New York Tribune May 30, 1914

954 Drowned in Steamship Crash;

Empress of Ireland Sinks in Fog;

Goes to Bottom in Fifteen Minutes

Canadian Pacific Liner, Struck by Collier in St. Lawrence River at Daybreak

Many Survivors Tell the Story

Blow Cleaves Ship Almost in Twain and Boiler Explosion Ends All–433 Saved, Mostly from Second Cabin and Crew–S.O.S. Brings Vessels Too Late

Rimouski – Of a total of 1,387 persona on board the Canadian Pacific Liner Empress of Ireland when she sailed yesterday from Quebec for Liverpool, 954 were lost when the liner was rammed by the Danish collier Storstad and sank of Father Point, in the St. Lawrence River. [It was later determined that there were 1,477 people on board and 1,012 died.]

Looming up through the river mists, as the Empress of Ireland was lying to, waiting for the fog to lift or day to break, the…

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Watch “Mr. G and Jellybean” on YouTube

If you haven’t seen this video yet, oh how I suggest you do!  Warning, though: you will experience real emotion.  Lots of it!  Then you’ll probably want to share it others!  – tk

Mr. G and Jellybean:


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