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The Canadian comedy team Wayne and Shuster appeared 67 times on the Ed Sullivan Show.

They broadcast the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights on CBS.

Wayne (born Louis Weingarten, May 28, 1918–July 18, 1990) and Shuster (September 5, 1916–January 13, 2002) were well known in Canada, and were Ed Sullivan’s most frequently recurring guests, appearing a record 67 times on his show.

Wayne and Shuster met as high school students at Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1930. They both studied at the University of Toronto, where they wrote and performed for the theatre there, and in 1941 they made their radio debut on CFRB in their own show, The Wife Preservers in which they dispensed household hints in a humorous fashion. This exposure resulted in the pair being given their own comedy show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Trans-Canada Network as Shuster & Wayne.
They enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1942 and performed for the troops in Europe during World War II as part of the Army Show (they would also later perform for the army in the Korean War). They returned to Canada to create the Wayne and Shuster Show for CBC Radio in 1946. They first performed on The Ed Sullivan Show in the United States in 1958 and set a record thereby appearing 58 times over the next 11 years.
Wayne and Shuster turned down many offers to go to the U.S. permanently, preferring to remain in Toronto. (They did co-star in a CBS-TV sitcom, Holiday Lodge, which aired as a summer replacement for [and was produced by] Jack Benny in 1961.)
In 1965 The Wayne & Shuster Hour won the Silver Rose at the Rose d’Or Television Festival.


  1. I remember the whole family sitting down and watching the Wayne and Shuster Show when we lived in Ontario. Mom made some popcorn and the whole family joined in the laughs. Such great memories. I didn’t realize the info you told about them. Thanks for the memorie and info my friend. I didn’y realize it was actually called the Shuster and Wayne Comedy Hor.


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