I’m taking a moment

He was my friend for ten years and I miss him every day.

Photo of Rufus
Furrr-ball with ears
Rufus as a kitten
First week with his new home
What can you say about this pic, eh?
Rufus on Day 1
First trip home!
Now THAT'S a lap!
Now THAT’S a lap!
You have to pat me before you pass!
You have to pat me before you pass!


God bless you, Rufus!


    • Thank you. A good friend he was! I still him frequently on the peripheral vision. I’m hoping to get a new Persian this summer. I’m looking forward to the companionship, and to find out what sort of personality he’ll have. 🙂

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    • You can say the again! Last week I visited a battery who breeds Persians, and asked to be on the waiting list. It won’t replace Rufus, but it might fill the hole he left behind.


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