By the Numbers – Immigration in Canada

Here’s a great infographic I just found about immigration facts in Canada. It may contain data from a few years ago, 2011, but I am pretty sure it’s as relevant today. Here you go:

Canadian Immigration Infographic
Immigrating to Canada by This site, by the way, has lots of interesting facts about Canada; I suggest you take a gander.


  1. Fantastic find; really interesting to look at. Personally, I’m not surprised that most people head to and stay in Ontario. What surprised me was just how few immigrate to the Maritimes. I didn’t realize the numbers were so small!

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  2. For several years, I have had thoughts of moving to some Canadian province, probably Nova Scotia area. But have family in the US so will probably stay here. The Canadians I have met are so friendly that it would be pleasant to be in their midst.

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