Capturing an Underwater Goddess!

Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer from Montreal.  I recently saw his photographs featuring a beautiful woman, underwater, with a 50-year old shipwreck.  You can see how amazing his photos are.  Then I continued to be surprised when I learned that these photos were not photoshopped!  In Bali, he and his team dove underwater to take these shots.  The model had to hold her breath for 3 to 4 minutes at a time!  Yep, very impressive.

I could not find much about who Wong is, unfortunately.  And though I would have liked to dig deeper, I also think that his works tell a story all on their own.  So I am giving you links that you can follow to see his amazing work for yourself!

The best place to start, would be his official website at  He has his own dedicated Facebook page that is entertaining. Then another site that showcases his work would be at My Modern Met blog.  I suggest you visit where I first learned of Von Wong, at demilked.




  1. I had a co-worker who used by do underwater competitions wihtout oxygen tanks (he also did diving with them). The team, all holding their breath, would be at the bottom of a pool buildling things along with other teams. He said he could hold his breath for 3 – 4 minutes after some training. I’ll stick to occasional snorkling myself.


    • I can imagine it would take quite a while to stretch your lung capacity for that. Lungs would for sure burn even with training! Wow, I’m impressed! 🙂


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