First in the world, don’t you know

Just a re-blog of a while back.  I was going through older posts and liked this one.  So here it is again …

George Edouard Desbarats published the first issue of Canadian Illustrated News in Montreal on October 30, 1838. It is the world’s first to use the new half-tone technique to reproduce a photograph.

English: Canadian Illustrated News, Vol.XXII, ...
English: Canadian Illustrated News, Vol.XXII, No. 7, Page 97. Photo: From Library and Archives Canada. Title: Come to Stay Artist: Julien, Henri, 1852-1908 Date: 14 August, 1880 Pagination: vol.XXII, no. 7, 97 Notes: Canada welcomes these bands of immigrants who, in such numbers, last week, came to settle in the Dominion, instead of passing to the United States. Subject: Immigrants Record: 110 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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