Rebranding Canada with Comics and the Continuing Co-optation of Tecumseh

A very good post about Canada and the War of 1812 … and more. I hope you enjoy it as well! – Teri

We are joined by a guest piece this week for Indigenous Comix Month – Sean Carlton is a PhD Candidate at the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies & Indigenous Studies at Trent University. Please follow the links for more on this in-depth piece!

Rebranding Canada with Comics: Canada 1812: Forged in Fire and the Continuing Co-optation of Tecumseh


In the current age of austerity, the Harper Government allocated over $28 million to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. For many historians this proved to be an unpopular decision. It even drew the ire of the much-maligned Jack Granatstein, who pointed out, “This is also a government that’s slashing the national archives dramatically and killing the national library by cuts. On the one hand they’re good for history and on the other hand they’re bad for history—you sometimes wonder if they really know what they are…

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  1. 1) Lets look at what else Jack Granatstein said:

    Canadian historian Jack Granatstein said the Conservatives aren’t going overboard by spending millions of dollars and that some of the investments help generate tourism and other benefits to the economy.

    “If the feds hadn’t put money into this there would have been an outcry from every town in the Niagara region, etc. Obviously they had to do it, and I think they’ve done it reasonably well,” he said.”

    2) Your site is off my favorites. Bye. Anti-Harper Derangement Syndrome. Sad.


  2. Why would Canadians want to be branded as warriors, etc.? Sounds like the sort of thing right wingers in America tout: guns, war, wave the flag, “my country right or wrong but my country”, anyone who wears the uniform of the military is a hero…! Then, vote down appropriations to maintain current or higher levels of care for the battle-scarred (emotionally or physically) heroes when they return to civilian life.


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