This week in Herstory 2014: Federated Women’s Institute of Canada

A fantastic post about Adelaide Hunter Hoodless! Very interesting! -tk

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Adelaide Hunter Hoodless was one of the founders of the Women’s Institute.

The week surrounding Feb. 19 is Women’s Institute Week. This date in February marks the inaugural meeting of the Women’s Institute, held Feb. 19, 1897 in Ontario. Throughout the week, Women’s Institute members across Canada celebrate the founding of the organization and the impact the members’ volunteer efforts have made through the years.

As noted on the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario website, the story of how the organization came to be is one that resonates with women all over the world:

In the summer of 1889, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless lost her 14-month-old son from consumption of contaminated milk.  Hoodless was staggered that her own education had not provided the knowledge needed to protect her household from such a tragedy.  Thus began her tireless campaign, not only for clean milk, but for the education of girls and…

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