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Okay, so apparently I’ve been living under a rock for a week now, at least. I’ve totally not heard of Olivia Wise, of Toronto.

Olivia had brain cancer. Near the end of November, her family brought her to a sound studio where she sang Kate Perry‘s album cover song, “Roar”. On YouTube it has gone viral. Over a million viewers! On Monday, I was sad to hear, she passed away. Since then, the family has put the song up on iTunes, sending all proceeds going towards brain research and kids living with cancer, through a fund called the “Liv Wise fund”.

To see the video on YouTube, click HERE.
To learn more about the Liv Wise fund, click HERE
To get the song through iTunes, click HERE

Rest in peace, Olivia, and thank you for the gift!


  1. Hey, Ter. Olvia was on 16/9 a few weeks ago. Actually the song is just perfect for her conditioning. Now the “roar” she left is all over the world. I came back to this post to listen to the lyric and it’s fantastic. Then I went to see Perry’s You tube: 298M hits. This is the first time I actually saw and listened to her. She’s good! Happy New Year. Perpetua.


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