Charles Reaper: Quarrier Boy was last living infantry man from Vimy Ridge

08 Nov

A touching tribute to one special (loyal) soldier who fought for our freedom! – tk

Promises of Home

Between 1869 and 1939, more than 100,000 children immigrated to Canada from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. More than 10,000 of them enlisted for Canada during WWI. That was almost all of legal age and some that weren’t.

Charles Reaper, a boy from Quarriers in Scotland, became Vimy Ridge’s last remaining infantry man. He died in March, 2003.

At twelve, Charles, a Glasgow orphan, arrived in Canada on April 8, 1912. Four years later, he lied about his age and joined the military. “It was,” he said, “the only lie I ever told.”

At Easter, 1917, before he turned eighteen, Private Charles Reaper was among the 20,000 Canadian

soldiers who formed the “creeping artillery barrage” that took Vimy Ridge.

Decades later, when Charles was interviewed about his Vimy Ridge experience, tears filled his eyes as he recalled the battle that took the lives of hundreds of his fellow soldiers. As his comrades…

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