I admit defeat!

What Am I Gonna Do About You (song)
What Am I Gonna Do About You (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve been trying to help this blog visitor by finding the song which is, understandably, driving her crazy, since October 2 of this year.  I am admitting defeat!  So I am posting her request.  If you can help, fantastic!  If you can’t, well, then I won’t feel so bad   😉

“Here’s my never-ending “what’s that song” quest: an anti-war song, lyrics learned in Canada in the early 1970′s. Song is completely ‘alive’ in my head. A group performance, more folk than rock. I’ve posted queries multiple times for about 5 years online. I’ve run searches, I can’t find a lyricist, performer, or recording:

Lyrics bits: “Who’s that standing over in the corner, Mary’s out looking for a lover of hers. — Gone overseas two days ago, guess she’s gonna have to find another. — I’m not saying what I think it should be, all I’m saying is it don’t look right to me. — Gonna have to find, a new design, gonna have to find a new design.”

It’s the “new design” part that has stayed with me for decades! “I’m not saying what I think it should be, all I’m sayin’ is it don’t look right to me — gonna have to find a new design”!”


    • Maurice, you are indeed my saviour this month! Thank you oh so much! I feel silly now that I’ve been searching all this time … Many thank you’s, Maurice!!! 🙂


    • Wow and a major, major thank you! I’m the song-searcher who’d nearly given up, but “gonna have to find a new design” is so compelling in these times – the song just follows me around. I was among those who shifted residence from the US to Canada in the late 1960’s,and the song has special ‘punch’. I can ‘see’ “Mary” and know of her possible need to “find another” once the lover had “gone overseas” – we lost too many friends, and watched too many friends lose friends, or witnessed damage on return.

      I think I maybe did learn it from a cover version (could swear it’s a group singing in my head rather than a solo, but maybe the group I’m hearing is the jug band group I sang with,through which I came across the song!) Kenny Rogers never occurred to me but that’s par for me too – I tend to be attracted to lyrics and to neglect associated names. I’ve searched “everywhere”! The song, for some reason, may not have attracted the attention that I believe it merits – at least by what I find in it. Thank you many times over!


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