Sincere thanks!


I would like to express my thanks to all my readers, “likers” and followers of this past year.  I have grown as a writer, and dare I say, become a better person, through this blog.  (Rufus and) I have great plans for the future, and have great subjects that have been on the back burner for too long now.

So bear with me as I go through growing pains of a new (weekly) format.  Keep letting me know what you are thinking, and together, we will learn, and have fun doing it!

Sincerely, Teri


  1. Will do, Teri. Glad to know you’ll be tackling some projects!
    Um, Rufus is looking a bit suspicious. Is there a bird outside or a squirrel waiting to be tackled as a project?


  2. I can appreciate the pressure a daily blog as well-researched and documented as yours always are entails. That you maintain a very high standard for your work on top of this further impresses me with the value and interest this blog has for people interested in a deeper look at your remarkable country.

    That said, I also understand why you’d like to build on your successes as a researcher and writer, to give one topic a week a really deep look. Though I look forward to the daily blogs, the weekly ones will be like manna from heaven for the extra wait (and weight!).

    Incidentally, Rufous may not be significant to Canadian history, but he is a beautiful cat. As a cat person, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you featured him from time to time as an hors d’oeuvre on a day leading to a weightier topic! Just a thought. (Plus, I know you are justifiable pleased with and proud of your kitty, so why not share him with your readers?)


    • RE: Rufus, I agree about posting him as hors d’oeuvre (I love that analogy, btw).
      RE: the blog, thank you for the supportive words! I’m trying to keep them under 600 (as opposed to my current 300) words. Because it’s doubled, I am hoping “bite size” still applies.
      Again, thank you for your support! 🙂


  3. I’ve only been to your fair land many years ago, mid 70’s, but have met many of your country men/women over the years, so feel I have a basic understanding about Canada. But that is now increasing day by day as I follow your informative posts – thank you for helping to enlighten the rest of us out here 🙂



  4. Thank you for this blog! I’m from the U.S. and love my own local history. It wasn’t until I started reading your blog that I realized how little I knew about Canadian history. Thank you for broadening my understanding of my neighbor to the north in such a fascinating way! I can’t wait to see what you do next.


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