Canadian George Selkirk won five World Series rings with the New York Yankees

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Cooperstowners in Canada

*Author’s Note: This is a blog entry that I originally published during last year’s post-season, but it seems fitting to run it again.*

He’s Canada’s Mr. October.

But even though George Selkirk earned five World Series rings during his nine-year career with the New York Yankees, the vast majority of baseball fans in Canada and the U.S. don’t know who he is.

“Not even hardcore Yankees fans are going to remember George Selkirk,” said Richard Tofel, author of A Legend in the Making: The New York Yankees in 1939, in a 2009 interview.

Born in Huntsville, Ont., Selkirk had the misfortune of replacing Babe Ruth in right field for the Bronx Bombers. The upstart Canadian not only assumed The Bambino’s position in 1935, but he also donned Ruth’s No. 3.

“I was just cocky enough to say, ‘Wearing Babe’s number won’t make me nervous. If I’m going to take…

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