I Need Help From You!

I have reached a point, just short of pulling all my hair out.  I need your help.

Have you ever had a tune in your head that you can’t identify, even when you know you know it?  A friend came by today, and she got a call on her cell phone, and so it began.  She could not identify it (it was labelled as piano), we tried many iPad apps that claim to help with this (no help there), and I’ve asked friends (Oh yeah …. Wait … No, can’t quite remember even one line of lyric).

So now I am asking for help from you!  Please help me identify this song.  Just play the video, with the speaker on, and listen to the music.

In advance, I thank you for the help!  Hopefully I’m not creating a problem by putting the tune in your head and not being able to identify it —  there’s not much that is more frustrating!


  1. Excellent question, as the outcome is pleasure at hearing Thorogood’s performance!

    The snippet however, and even Thorogood’s performance of his own song, doesn’t quite fit with my memory, which is of a different version, maybe by Muddy Waters?

    Wikipedia on ‘Bad to the Bone’ mentions Muddy Waters’ “Manish Boy” as related, but not a word about ‘bad bones’! http://youtu.be/rqub0ShT9NE.

    I’ve obviously blended performers and songs in memory but ‘Bad to the Bone’ is in my head as an acoustic performance!

    Don’t know that it would work to re-direct your wonderful blogs to sorting out musical memories, but for what it’s worth, here’s my never-ending “what’s that song” quest: an anti-war song, lyrics learned in Canada in the early 1970’s. Song is completely ‘alive’ in my head. A group performance, more folk than rock. I’ve posted queries multiple times for about 5 years online. I’ve run searches, I can’t find a lyricist, performer, or recording:

    Lyrics bits: “Who’s that standing over in the corner, Mary’s out looking for a lover of hers. — Gone overseas two days ago, guess she’s gonna have to find another. — I’m not saying what I think it should be, all I’m saying is it don’t look right to me. — Gonna have to find, a new design, gonna have to find a new design.”

    It’s the “new design” part that has stayed with me for decades! “I’m not saying what I think it should be, all I’m sayin’ is it don’t look right to me — gonna have to find a new design”!


  2. Nothing 😦 In the middle of the two music parts, there is like someone clicking their fingers..
    ♫ Dananananan *CLICK CLICK* Dananananan ♫ I WILL GET THIS!!!


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