There Goes The Treehouse!

English: Athens, Ontario, Canada


It is said that Canadians‘ favourite topic is our weather. I’m guessing because it changes so often, and is not really dependable. As such, I have found a weather trivia for today:

On September 6, 1979, a mini tornado ripped through at least two farms north of Athens, Ontario, levelling a silo, many trees and rows of fences, before cutting a path through a cornfield. At one farm, a fallen apple tree crushed a brand new truck, brought home only three minutes before the storm hit, and an old maple tree fell, taking out a 15-year-old tree house.

If you like reading about Canadian weather, there’s a list that’s interesting at Wikipedia.


  1. Don’t have to read as I live right in the path of hurricanes that love drifting up here from the sunny south. I also live in the path of winter storms that thoroughly enjoy bringing the snowpocalypse year after year!


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