Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985
Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For starters, I just want to let you know that I am doing this post because this program is so good, I want to share it with you. I am not getting anything in return for this post. Also, to let you know: this software is totally free! So what do you have to lose?


It only works with Windows — sorry iPad users.


This program has such a tiny footprint, I often forget about it until it automatically does its magic and I hear a beep. It is especially useful, for me, while working with WordPress. Since I’m not yet a paying user, I have limited free space for graphics. This program, RoboSizer will take a graphic I want to upload and reduces its size, but never at a quality loss.


Did I mention it’s free?


RoboSizer features, the automatic image resizing tool.



    • You’re welcome! I just love that it resizes on its own, and I don’t have to go in another program, or have a bulky program (that slows my computer down) … 🙂


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