The Solemn Land

The Solemn Land
The Solemn Land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Group of Seven series for today is profiling J. E. H. MacDonald.

MacDonald was born on May 12, 1873 in Durham, England.  He moved to Hamilton, Ontario at the age of 14 in 1887.  He few years later, he moved to Toronto.

In 1912, MacDonald won much attention for his role in an exhibition at the Ottawa Society of Artists.  In March 1916, MacDonald again exhibited there, with The Tangled Garden.

Two years later, in autumn, he travelled to Algoma in a specially outfitted railway car made to act as a mobile studio.  It was so productive that he repeated this for several years.  From that car he created some amazing paintings, including The Solemn Land (1920).

MacDonald passed away on November 26, 1932, in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 59.

His home and garden in Vaughan, Ontario has been carefully restored, and is open to the public — it is owned by the City of Vaughan.

On June 8, 1973, Canada Post issued a “J.E.H. MacDonald” stamp.


    • With little effort, just follow my blog … Lol. Actually, I am doing a short piece on the Group of Seven (all ten of them!). I don’t go into much details, but enough to give you an idea … -)


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