this is not Canadian as such, but the TP did arrive here at one point … While you go read the full post at Little Bits of History, take a look around; I am sure you will enjoy the trip! — tk

Little Bits of History

July 25, 1871: Patent #117,355 is granted to Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York. This patent allowed for perforations. Today some products are made without this wonderful inventive process, but special dispensers are then used. By February 13, 1883 another patent was granted to Wheeler to have the perforated product wrapped around a central tube. He made and patented brackets to hold the tubes. The burning question remains: is it possible for men to use these? Over 100 years later we still wonder if men can change a roll of toilet paper.

The first mention of toilet paper was in China in 589 and in 851, Arab-Muslims were so impressed with the Chinese item, they confirmed its use in writing. By 1300, Zhejiang province was producing 10 million packages of paper with 1,000 to 10,000 sheets in each. Sheets measuring 2 x 3 feet were produced in 1393 – 270,000 of…

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  1. I read a TP advertisement from the early 1930s where one selling point was “no slivers”! Apparently the early stuff was an improvement over corncobs, Sears & Roebuck catalog pages, or leaves, but (no pun intended) there were some quality issues to work through. Ouch!


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