Bhat Boy & Thomas

These two next painters that I profile are local artists here in Ottawa (Ontario).

The first is the “teacher”, Bhat Boy.  He was born in London, England and  immigrated to Canada on a steam ship in 1966.  he became a naturalized Canadian and grew up in the Nation’s Capital with his parents – “a cleaning lady and a spy”.

BhatBoy Bhat Boy is well-known as a community activist and organizer in Ottawa. He has been an active member of the International Society of Art of the Imagination, since 1991. He continues to live and work in Canada’s National Capital. His hobbies include drinking tea, and drawing maps.

These words were stolen from his biography page on his site, Art by Bhat Boy. I recommend you visit his site, ’cause he does beautiful work!

Wiretapped. “I love the CBC 1 radio show Wiretap, with its lovable and melancholy host Jonathan Goldstein.” (source:

The next painter, as I said, is also based in Ottawa. His name is Chris Thomas. Much of his free time is spent painting in Acrylics. His style ranges from impressionism to the cartoonish; He doesn’t draw any great distinctions between the two ends of the spectrum.

Chris does amazing work! To see more of his work, visit his site at


  1. … not to say I don’t love federal police in fancy uniforms with (what we call in the USA…) Smokey the Bear hats, buck-tooth rodents, and a brewsky now and then! Ha!


    • Yes, I think Chris Thomas did a fantastic job on that! I’m glad you are enjoying this short series I’m putting together. I am, as you can imagine, keeping the Group of Seven for last! 🙂


  2. Your Canadian Artists blogs are especially interesting because they’ve been unknown to me till now! I think the Canadian government needs to put you on the payroll for the excellent job you do of putting Canada and things Canadian on the Internet in such an interesting and thorough way. “Canada. Not just RCMP, beavers, and beer!”


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