(Keu-na-di-an) Kurelek & Kleinbergen

For my 400th post, let me tell you about two more Canadian painters.  Both are known as  exceptional and talented artists.

Adrian_KleinbergenLet me start with Adrian Kleinbergen.  He was born in 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta.. Kleinbergen has a vast array of  talent: he does drawing, painting, jewellery design, sculpture, caricature, writing, costuming, and even magic!

In 1987, he started working in comics at Starstone and Darkewood for Aircel Publishing in Ottawa, Canada;   He also ran his own publishing company, Ground Zero Graphics.   Kleinbergen was the primary artist and a columnist for the national magic magazine, The Servante.

Kleinbergen has also worked as a professional comics inker for a variety of magazines and artists, and has displayed and sold artwork in a number of venues and galleries.

Speaking of Galleries, I suggest visiting Kleinbergen’s at: Adrian Kleinbergen at Epilogue.net Epilogue.net.

The next Canadian artist to be profiled is William Kurelek, born on March 3, 1927, near Whitford, Alberta;  he died on November 3, 1977, in Toronto, Ontario. He was also a writer.  His work was influenced by his childhood on the prairies, his Ukrainian-Canadian roots and his Roman Catholicism.

His family lost their grain farm during the Great Depression and moved to a dairy farm near Stonewall, Manitoba. He developed an early interest in art which was not encouraged by his hard-working parents.

By his mid-twenties he was living in England. In 1952, he suffered from clinical depression.  He painted a series of 160 works on the Passion of Christ, and a series of 20 depicting the Nativity as if Christ had been born in Canadian settings: an igloo, a trapper’s cabin, a boxcar, a motel.


Writing and illustrating a series of children’s books, such as in 1974, when  he illustrated a new edition of W.O. Mitchell’s Who Has Seen The Wind.

A substantial body of his work are held at Niagara Falls Art Gallery.

I so highly suggesting visiting the National Film Board for a few short videos of some Canadian artisits!  National Film Board, and for a wonderful site with lots of goodies, go to: kurelek.ca


  1. Congratulations on your 400th post! And a great one it is, too! I watched the first video on the family history of William Kurelek, and it was a compelling, inspiring story.


    • Yes, it is. I purposely did not print some aspects of his life, but if someone looks further than my post and finds out, that’s good. Really, he is inspiring, I agree! 🙂


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