Manitoba – Do Not Poke an Alligator

English: A montage of Winnipeg. The Legistlati...
A montage of Winnipeg. The Legistlative Building and downtown at top. Going clockwise it is the forks on the right, Portage & Main with former Canwest Building and Richardson Buildings, next is the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park, Osborne Village, and finally the Esplanade Riel bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Manitoba is a great Province, isn’t it?  Beautiful, great people … fantastic!

But Manitoba has a few wacky laws that are still on the books, too.  Here are just two of them:
In Winnipeg, for instance, it is illegal to provoke an alligator into a fight. Although apparently,
you have to poke it, sit on it, and pull its tail before it is considered “illegally provoking”.

But that’s not all.  It is an offence to live in a bus, railcar, streetcar, or truck in Thompson.



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