Only In Canada, You Say?

Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Lake Lousie, Alberta, Canada
Lake Lousie, Alberta, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are some things that belong to Canada — most we take for granted.  Mottos are a great example of that.  So many we hear often, and yet we don’t remember that they’re ours.  Such as:

English: A Tim Hortons in South Portland, Maine
A Tim Hortons (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Always got time for Tim Hortons.” (Coffee and Donuts)
At Speedy you’re a somebody.” (Mufflers)

Canada, the world next door.” (Tourism Canada)

“Ever been to sea, Billy?” (Cap’n Highliner foods)

Ex says it all.” (Beer)

Only in Canada? Pity.” (Red Rose tea)

The Champagne of Ginger Ale.” (Canada Dry)

Where you give like Santa and save like Scrooge.” (Canadian Tire)

I am Canadian!” (Beer)

I challenge everyone to come up with others!


  1. Do you think Canada would mind if we used your Canadian Tire quote during our Dickens Victorian Village this Christmas? It is perfect! “Where you give like Santa and save like Scrooge”. I think I can work that into our presentations some way.


    • I remember hearing that when I was a kid … It’s funny now when I remember hearing my parents tried to explain it, yet not tell me Santa was fiction! 🙂


    • “We always get our man,”. Or something very close to that! If I recall, it’s in one of the comments below. Thanks for dropping by, Theresa! 🙂


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