Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On any given day, there a millions who are having a birthday. The days they fall on is not always convenient. My birthday is on the now infamous 9/11. I have friends and family who have birthdays on December 26, October 31, June 24 …actually I know friends who have birthdays in all through December – which makes gift buying a little more difficult; and for them it just doesn’t really feel like a normal birthday with Christmas thrown in there.

July 1 is Canada Day, otherwise known as Canada Day. All of Canada and Canadians are having one giant celebration!

But what about Canadians sharing their birthday, their special birthday, with all of Canada celebrating with them?

A few of the more known Canadians celebrating their birthday today are:

Actress Genevièe Bujold – Montreal 1942.  :   Happy Birthday

The Greatest Hits Collection (Michelle Wright ...
The Greatest Hits Collection (Michelle Wright album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Pamela Anderson
English: Pamela Anderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actress Pamela Anderson – Ladysmith, B.C. 1967. :  Happy Birthday?
Comedian Dan Aykroyd – Ottawa, 1952.  : Happy Bithday!

Clint Eastwood, Genevieve Bujold in ''Tightrop...
Genevieve Bujold with Clint Eastwood

And so to every one celebrating your birthdays today:

Happy Birthday!
Country Singer Michelle Wright– Morpepth, Ontario 1961


  1. Well at least we will always remember and celebrate your Bday, Tk. rather than remember what happened to that day. No disrespect for our American neighbour.


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