Strong and Free!

Canadian Pacific Railway advertising brochure,...
Canadian Pacific Railway advertising brochure, highlighting Mount Assiniboine and Banff scenery (c. 1917) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little history about Alberta:

Their motto: Fortis et liber — Strong and free

Archaeologically speaking, Alberta dates back approximately 11,000 years. The area was, and still is, home to many First Nations, such as the Blackfoot, Silesia, Began, Blood, Kaine, True T’ina, Sarsi, Kutenai, Cree, Assiniboin and so many more. The Europeans arrived in the mid-eighteenth century. But settlement didn’t really happen until the Canadian Pacific Railway reached Alberta in 1883. The population in 1891 was 26,500; ten years later the population had grown to 374,000!

When Alberta and Saskatchewan joined the Confederation in 1905, it then could truly be said that the provinces were joined “from sea to sea”.




  1. Ah, so happy to have my snack-size Canada again! I’ve always heard Alberta is the prettiest province, any truth to that? (I’ve always been partial to Saskatchewan though; the capital is Regina. That’s a cool name…Alberta’s a close 2nd. (the title to a Dylan song.)


  2. Thanks for the memory. I had forgotten about our trip to Banff and Lake Louise. What a beautiful, peaceful place between our rock and roll performances!

    Mick Orton


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