Thinking of Visiting Canada Eh?

An amusing post from some nice “folks” who visited Canada, and their take on it.  Worth a read, if you’re Canadian or not!  – tk



Well, my wonderful wife and I have returned from a vacation in Canada.  It was a wonderful experience!  We had a great time, and I learned a few things about our neighbors to the north.  Some good, some not so good.  Here are the Polar Bears impressions of the Great White North.

These are in no particular order, I’ll mix the good with the bad.  Overall though, this was a great experience.

1. The Pandora App on my iPad didn’t work.  Since it’s web based, what the hell is up with that??  Sirius XM worked on my iPad but not in my car (it’s amazing how close to the Canadian border, they can point a satellite signal from space!).

2.  Honda dealerships and logos are red… um… okay??

3.  They don’t waste a bunch of paint to put down a second yellow line.  Seems one yellow line is good enough…

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  1. Over the years I met a number of Montreal Expos, young guys in a new city and country. Time after time the “issue” of ice cubes in soft drinks came up! I would explain that when we buy a glass of Coke, we want the Coke, not the ice. We have ice, more than we can use. For about six months of the year if your soft drink isn’t cold enough you can just put it outside for a few minutes. I can’t believe our American neighbours would want a glass of watered down Coca-Cola; then again if you’ve ever tasted their beer …


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