Did you know … ?

Do you know which Canadian city, with over 1 million inhabitants, gets the most snow in the world?

Scroll down to see the answer …

English: Snow on the mountains of Southern Cal...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Montreal, Quebec. This city averages 250 cm of snow a year.  It shares the same output as St. Petersburg, Russia!

This according to a great book: Canadian Geographic Quiz Book!


  1. Yay, Montreal!!!! Sounds about right too! Yesterday I saw a busload of tourists getting out at Notre-Dame cathedral with tuques on. It was cute – if they think June weather is cold, good thing they’re not here in January. 😉


    • Let’s just say I am happy as heck that I paid for snow removal service this year. There were fewer snowfalls, but when it did snow, it was a lot at one time!


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