I Told You it Would Happen …

English: Marie Guyart Français : Marie de l'In...
Marie de l’Incarnation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Indian girl heard a voice that predicted a great earthquake would happen in three days, and at five in the afternoon.  This girl told a nun, Mère Marie de l’Incarnation.  This was three days before the great Charlevoix, Quebec earthquake of 1663!

Update: directly from Heritage Toronto:

The Savages, as well as the French, had had presentiments of this fearful Earthquake. A young Algonquin girl, between Sixteen and seventeen years of age, named Catherine, – who has always lived a very innocent life; and who, indeed, owing to her extraordinary trust in the Cross of the Son of God, has been cured, as if by a miracle, of an illness from which she had been suffering for an entire Winter, without any hopes of recovery, – deposed with all sincerity that, on the night preceding the Earthquake, she saw herself with two other girls of her age and Nation mounting a great Stairway. At its top [22] was seen a beautiful Church, where the Blessed Virgin appeared with her Son, predicting to them that the earth would soon be shaken, trees would strike against one another, and rocks would be shattered, to the general consternation of all the people.

There are sites that discuss this event.  The first place I suggest is Wikipedia, and Natural Resources Canada, and then U.S. Geological Survey, and lastly, I highly suggest clicking your way to Heritage Toronto.


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