1. As someone who lives with two Persians who team up on me for food and affection when it suits them, and ignore me, erm, when it suits them, I support your nomination! Nothing like a Persian for sweetness and lovely dispositions, no matter what the film “Cats and Dogs” (I believe it was) did to suggest otherwise.


    • I will begin by getting my owner’s lap free again … Then I’ll show all the cats out there that it’s possible … After that, yes, I agree: take over the world sounds reasonable. =^.^=


    • He is actually the most calm and affectionate cat I’ve ever owned! Though I certainly like to laugh at the way he always seems to be thinking so seriously about stuff!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! 🙂


  2. Just too funny, 😆 Rufus. I don’t blame you for reclaiming the lap. Did you know I had a cat named Laptop. Yes, he was a handsome young fellow. But of course, you are just as gorgeous. What a gracious bow. Hat’s off to you, Rufus. Tell your human to carry on transcribing your blog. 😆 Bye for now. Purr-petua 🐱
    P.S. Sorry, it did not come with catnip.


    • =^.^= I’ve been trying to get my human to remember how to type that all day! Thank you for coming to my rescue!!

      You are just the best, Purr-petua!! Don’t worry about the catnip, I know where my owner keeps the stash. I’m just waiting for the purr-fect moment to get to it! 😉

      My human and I wish you g’nite!! 🙂


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