“I Hear This Clink …”

The White Rock pier on a very windy day in Apr...
The White Rock pier at White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On Friday May 17, 2013, I came across this story in the newspaper (see link below).  It was such an incredible story, I just had to share it with you.

Picture this:  25-year old Jordan Remple, of Langley, British Columbia, wanted the perfect marriage proposal.  He decided on the site: the pier in White Rock, B.C.   He was nervous.  His heart beat faster, his hands getting clammy, maybe even a little tremble present.  He bent down on one knee in front of the love of his life, 22-year old Jodi Hodge.  Perfect surprise, he thought.

Then, “I hear this clink,” he said.  The ring went through the boards and ended up in the sea!

Jodi didn’t get upset.  It was the thought that counts and she was happy.  It was an accident after all.

Remple, though, was devastated.  He had to find a way to get the $3,000 ring back.

There were many failed attempts to get the ring out of the water. Finally the father of Remple’s friend, Robert MacDonald, found the ring!

Remple got on one knee, proposed, and Jodi said, “Yes!”

Incredible story?  Oh, there’s much more to this story!  To get the full story, you’ll just have to go to Vancouver‘s The Province!



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