The Maple Tree

A very well written article about our most recognized symbol!

Getting to Know Canada

Maple LeafThere are around 10 species of maple tree native to Canada and at least one type is said to grow in every province. The tree that the maple leaf on Canada’s flag is modeled after is a Sugar Maple. These are beautiful trees, especially in the fall when the leaves become brilliant shades of orange and red. In the forest, a Sugar Maple may grow to 45 metres, with a trunk clear of branches half way up. Its wood is extremely strong and durable, especially the sap wood which lies just inside the outer layer of bark. It can produce wood with beautiful grains for furniture or floors that only becomes smoother and more beautiful with use.

Spring is a special time of year in Canada because this is when the trees that have been sleeping all winter start to wake up! During the summer when the leaves could make…

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