Bottle Houses of Prince Edward Island

If you are in need of a smile mixed with pride, here you go! Thanks, Gypsy Road Trip! :). – tkmorin

Gypsy Road Trip

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones!  You certainly wouldn’t want any stones in the area where this unusual Canadian attraction has three different structures made of glass bottles.

Edouard Arsenault was a native of the area and lived in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada all of his life.  His occupations varied from fisherman to carpenter to lighthouse keeper. After receiving a post card from his daughter of a glass castle on Vancouver Island, Edouard decided to recycle glass bottles in a very unusual manner. After collecting bottles from restaurants, dance halls, friends and neighbors, he spent the winter months in his basement cleaning the bottles and removing the labels. There aren’t many pop or beer bottles in his structures as those bottles at that time still had a deposit refund when returned.

When he was 66 years old he began construction of his first bottle house, a…

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  1. Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I hope you enjoy my adventures and stories, current location Alaska, destination the world. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful post! I love Prince Edward Island. I still think about it all the time, even though it’s been years since my hubby and I visited. I hope to go back one day. I don’t think we saw the bottle houses, though. So maybe that’s something to put on my list for when I get to travel there once more. Yay!


    • I just loved this post so much, that’s why the re-blog! You just confirmed my choice was a good one! I hope you get to see P.E.I. one day. 🙂


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