Respect Your Cat Day

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It’s Respect Your Cat Day!  A little-known holiday commemorating the date when in the Year of Our Lord One Thoufand Three Hundred Eighty Four, Richard II of England did iffue an edict forbidding the confumption of catf.


It might not be a big deal to you, but around here, Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg are (by far) the most popular original characters in Cat-Tales.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked “which story it was when… they came to the manor and Whiskers is excited that he found that cave smell they associate with Bat-Bruce from all his visits to Selina’s apartment (It was Splitzville), when Nutmeg conquered Alfred so completely with her silent miaow (also Splitzville), when Whiskers followed Bruce into the cave passage and was scared witless by all the flying mice (Strange Bedfellows) or when the feud was established between Whiskers…

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