2 Top 10 Canadian Lists

Patent (Photo credit: brunosan)


Canadians have been known to invent some memorable products.  I will cover this in several extra posts in months to come.  Today, Let’s concentrate on two top 10 lists in particular.  This post is for all of you who like to say, “Oh yeah, a Canadian first thought of that!”


Patents in Canada, logically enough, started with number 1.  The first six were issued on August 18, 1869, and the next four were issued the next day. What did the first ten consist of?


  1. a machine for measuring liquids (Hamilton, W. )
  2. a composition for the destruction of the Canada thistle (Ellis, D.J.)
  3. a machine for preventing boiler explosions (Kimball, H.)
  4. a machine for grappling, fastening upon and drawing or moving weights (Kelly, J.)
  5. the art of distilling whisky (Wilson, J.) (You just had to expect that one, eh?)
  6. a mustard and ketchup bottle (Wandby, H.)
  7. a method of making soap (Simpson, T.L)
  8. an improvement on a machine for bolting and fastening together two or more portions of machinery (Oakley, F.)
  9. a potato and apple parer (Dimma, T.)
  10. a hay fork (Bassett, T)


For the time, those are pretty impressive.  A few times I’ve thought, “What will they think of next?”  So are you curious about what the first ten Canadian patents were issue this year (2013)?


  1. Viral polymerase inhibitors (#CA 2708324)
  2. Toner having titania and processes thereof  (#CA 2713647)
  3. Improved color-converting photolumnescent film (# CA 2566028)
  4. Load restraining device (# CA 2646517)
  5. Data-capable network prioritization with reduced delays in data service (# CA 2545861)
  6. 17Alpha-substituted  steroids as systemic anti-androgens and selective androgen receptor modulators  (# CA 2683522)
  7. Systems and methods for implementing wide annular CDMA Cells (# CA 2395983)
  8. Mitochondrial mutations and rearrangements as a diagnostic tool for the detection of sun exposure, prostate cancer and other cancers (# CA 2606156)
  9. Apparatus, systems and methods for collecting and reclaiming anaesthetic agents and for removing introus oxide from exhaust gases (# CA 2763021)
  10. Ultra-violet curable gellant inks for three-dimensional printing and digital fabrication applications (# CA 2676879)


So there I was, skimming down the list of  patents that were issued after the above, and I found just a few more I just had to share with you.


17.   Height adjustment mechanism for an armrest (# CA  2464072)


18.   Improved laxative composition and method (# CA 2668245)


30.   Electrically heated ice skates (# CA 2601259)


79.   Email message creation (# CA 2566261)


87.   A neuro-fizzy system for estimation  (# CA 2477919) [I just like the name!]


Want to search and learn more about Canadian patents issued?  Just head on over to Canadian Intellectual Property Office.






  1. I am all over heated ice skates! I don’t dare check out the Canadian Intellectual Property Office as I will undoubtedly waste hours of time reading the site, I know it will be interesting.


    • Oh yes, believe me, it can indeed waste time; I wasn’t aware of time myself as I was looking this stuff up! Let’s see how long it takes for those skates to go from patent to Canadian Tire! 🙂


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