Men’s Right To Vote?

Nellie McClung
Nellie McClung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nellie Letitia Mooney, better known as Nellie McClung was born at Chatsworth, Ontario on October 20, 1873 and died at Victoria, B.C. on September 1, 1951.

Whole books and many articles have been written about Nellie McClung. I hardly expect to cover even the basics of her life’s work here, but January 28, 1914, does have meaning in her story.

On January 28, 1914Nellie McClung and her Political Equality League stage a mock Parliament in the Walker Theatre.

Staged, in part, ridiculing Premier R.P. Roblin’s opposition to women receiving the vote. Acting as members of parliament, with Nellie playing the role of Premier, the women discussed a number of their own issues as if of men – whether to give men the vote, and whether to allow them equal guardianship over children.

Ultimately, the play was a success and helped advance the cause of women’s suffrage. On January 27, 1916, Manitoba became the first Canadian province to give women the right to vote.

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