Canada One Day Before U.S. and Britain

English: A navy photographer snapped this phot...
A navy photographer snapped this photograph of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941, just as the USS Shaw exploded. (80-G-16871) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On December 7, 1941, Canada declared war on Japan, Finland, Hungary, and Romania after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Hong Kong, and other bases. The United States and Britain did not declare war until the following day.


  1. Thanks Cosimaradu. I did give this one some thought. Wikipedia certainly recognize “Roumania”, so I was thinking: could it be that Romania used to be known as Roumania? Do you know? ‘Cause the history books I have do refer to Roumania from time to time. I’ll go ahead and change it though. I don’t want the spelling to take the reader away from the story itself.

    Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll come back! 🙂

    PS: I just had to look this up. There is a book called, “History of the Roumanians” by H. R. Seton-Watson, published in 1934 at the Cambridge University Press. There’s an interesting article at .
    I’d certainly would like to know about this, though ….


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