Children Choose the Purple Violet

(?) Viola cucullata (Marsh Blue Violet), P4210...
Viola cucullata (Marsh Blue Violet), (Photo credit: Anita363)


On this day, November 30, 1936, local children chose the purple violet as the province’s official flower emblem.


The Viola Palmata, var, cucullata, was actually chosen more specifically by the local schoolchildren and The Women’s Institute, and adopted by Canada’s Governor-General.


It’s amazingly not unique to New Brunswick, however. It seems to also be the flower of choice for the U.S. States of Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island.


This perennial plant thrives in moist meadows and along stream banks. The violets are typically thought of as a spring plant, but they can sometimes flower as late as October.



  1. That’s interesting, VM. I agree that sometimes the simplest flowers best represent areas. I like Clematis a lot, myself. Please let me know what you decide; I would be interested in that.


  2. Viola cucullata is so humble and nice.
    I am hestitating between Clematis vitalba and Lonicera Caprifolium as our possible town’s emblem. Little town Kazimierz Dolny in Poland, central european country, has even mediterranean plants.


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