La Sagouine, Acadian Cleaning Woman

English: Antonine Maillet, novelist, playwrigh...
Antonine Maillet, novelist, playwright, & scholar, December 12, 1984. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

November 26, 1971 marks the day Viola Leger put on a performance of Antonine Maillet’s famous play, La Sagouine for a Moncton, New Brunswick radio station.

La Sagouine is a series of dramatic monologues by an illiterate but philosophical Acadian cleaning woman. It was brilliantly written in French Acadian.

It was first performed on stage at Moncton, New Brunswick’s Les Feux-Chalins, by a troupe founded by Father Jean-Guy Gagnon, in 1969. The first English performance was on CBC, in 1979, in Moncton.

To get a preview of the English La Sagouine e book, visit Google Books.


  1. I visited La Pays Sagouine in October. Although it was too late in the season to see the play, we were given a wonderful and moving insight into the lives of the Acadians from the area by two of the local people. I also got to chat with Sylvia Lelievre (Singer/songwriter) in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia about life for the Acadians there.


    • Wow, that sounds like it was a real nice experience! They have a rich history, and I’d like to cover some of it sometimes here. I saw the play so many years ago, but oh how I’d enjoy seeing it again.


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