Horrific Montreal Murders

Amazing story! I highly recommend you read:


On Wednesday, November 17, 1943 – 71 years ago tomorrow – the City of Westmount, a quiet well-to-do neighbourhood adjacent to downtown Montreal, was the site of an horrific murder. A 14 year old boy, George Webster using a baseball bat  bludgeoned his mother to death and attempted to kill other members of the household.

The details of the incident can be read in the article below, so I won’t relate them here. What I find interesting is the newspaper coverage of the tragic event.  The Gazette, a daily city-wide newspaper devoted substantial space to the murder and would continue to follow the story over the next few days and weeks as things unfolded. However I have been unable to find out what became of George Webster.

One of the surviving victims was a woman visiting from Australia and the story was carried in the Australian newspaper The Age

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