A Real Companion and Friend

W.L. Mackenzie King.
W.L. Mackenzie King. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On November 15, 1948, William L. Mackenzie King resigned as prime minister.  He was succeeded by Louis St. Laurent.

William Lyon Mackenzie King grew up hearing stories about his grandfather, William Lyon Mackenzie, who he was named after.  About how he became Toronto’s first mayor, how he led the Rebellion of 1837, and how he managed to escape from to the United States, and only returned after being pardoned.  So of course he would wonder about how he too could serve the Country.

In 1927, he said, “A nation, like an individual, to find itself in the service of others.”

In his time in office, King (Canada’s tenth prime minister) cut the cost of shipping by freight train, he lowered Canadian tariffs against American goods, and he paid back some of Canada’s bigger loans from World War I.  He even passed a bill for pensions to Canadians over the age of 70.

King died in 1950 at Kingsmere, Quebec.

there are many sites that cover this great man, including my own BiteSizeCanada.

I suggest you also visit The Quebec history Encyclopedia, and Library and Archives Canada.



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