New Queen’s Ear

English: Crowd gathered outside old City Hall,...
 Crowd gathered outside old City during the Winnipeg General Strike. Visible on the left are the Union Bank of Canada building and Leland Hotel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A British suffragette handbill produced during...


On November 11, 1916, the Duke of Devonshire became Governor-General of Canada.


During his time in office, the Canadian government introduced conscription; the women’s suffrage movement grew in strength, and as a result, women were given the right to vote; and there was also the great Winnipeg General Strike.


Because of his experience as an agricultural land owner in England, he had a keen interest in agricultural issues in Canada. The Duke of Devonshire Trophy for the Ottawa Horticultural Society was established in 1921. Another great achievement was to set up of experimental farms, including the Government of Canada’s major experimental farm in Ottawa, Ontario.



For more information about Victor Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire, you can start at The Canadian Encyclopedia Online.


There’s also the Parliament of Canada’s Heraldic Symbols page that might be of interest.


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