The Caroline case

English: The destruction of the Caroline steam...
English: The destruction of the Caroline steamboat by fire, on the Falls of Niagara, Upper Canada, on the night of Friday the 29th Decr. 1837 by George Tattersall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October 12, 1841:  Alexander McLeod was acquitted in the Caroline case that almost caused a war between Britain and the United States.

For more on this interesting story, check out: Wikipedia’s The Caroline Affair .


      • I just finished reading the 21 Oct item and in it they detail what happened, or rather what has been so far said in the court and account from both sides. It is an interesting tale. I will check around some more and see what else I can find.
        Take Care.


      • Update Nov 18
        From Europe

        “Very consideralbe excitement existed in England at the last date as to the state of affairs with this country. Private letters manifest this more distinctly than the newspapers,and we infer from what we hear, that if McLeod’s trial had evntualted otherwise than it did, the Government would have found it difficult to resist the pressure of the nation for war.
        As it is, and not doubting the disposition of both Government to main tain peace, we believe that the acquittial of McLeod will hve smoothed the way for an amicable settlement of the outstanding questions.
        Cotton has improved a little at Liverpool, from apprehensions of a was with the United States. These … ”

        and so the story ends and life goes on.

        There was nothing on Oct 28, Nov 4, or Nov 11 about the case, as far as I saw. I could have missed it if there had been. There was however a little item on Pg2 Col 1 of Nov 11 about the Amistad Africans… another story not having to do with Canada.

        All this items were in a photocopy of newspaper that Google says is Oct 14, 1841 but I found that it contained weekly newspapers all the way to Nov 18, 1841.

        I will have to do some more checking, till then;
        Take Care.


    • I have to say, I love living in the internet age. To be able to read such old clippings in the comfort of home … wow! And thank you for sharing these links with me. I’m so enjoying it!! :>


  1. I had never heard of this before. I’m going to have to look into why only Amos Durfee was killed, and what part he actually played in the whole affair. All I’ve found so far is that he was a sailor on the Caroline.

    A most intriguing bit of history about McNab. While the account this page links to claims that McNab, a genuine member of Canadian nobility, killed Dufree another source states that Alexander McCleod was imprisoned in the US for the killing due to his bragging about merely participating in the raid.


    • Let me know what you find out! For the especially older accounts, it’s sometimes difficult to get the exact answer to some questions … I try though … 🙂


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