Breast Cancer

27 Aug
Francisco de Goya – The French Penalty.

The French Penalty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As everyone around me knows by now, I am having a double mastectomy surgery on September 10th, 2007.  That’s just a few weeks from now.

Having this surgery done will be easier on me than having what I call a “guillotine” feeling over me.  Everytime I have a mammogram, the next step usually is an ultra-sound, and then usually followed by another biopsy.  Waiting for the results of each test is like having my head resting on a guillotine, waiting too see if this is the time the sharpest blade will come down.  I can’t live with that.
To make matters worse, is that I have two different kinds of cancer.  One kind in one breast, another kind in the other. So whereas one treatment may work on one breast, it won’t work on the other.
So with the support, love, prayers and healing thoughts from friends and family, I will get through this and get my life back.  I’ll say this much: it’s a learning experience!!
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